Application Format (Read before posting)

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Application Format (Read before posting)

Post  SneakyToe on Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:22 am

Format for Team Application to eGANK Gaming Team:

Our tag is: eGANK.(yourname)
Please do not include anything that is offensive / racist in your name.

Full Name:
Location (+Timezone):

Have you been in any previous gaming teams/clans?:
What division would you be the most dedicated to?:
What is your favorite division game?:
For how long have you been playing that division game?:
What would you say your skill is in that division game?:

Do you know how the use the golden thing called "Common Sense"?:
What does your common sense tell you to do when you see a member calling another member bad stuff?:

Why do you want to join eGANK Gaming Team?:
Are you mature?:
If we check with our "special contacts", will we find anything bad about you? (We'll search in ban registers etc. for you STEAM ID etc.):

Skype name:
Steam name:
Main email:
Any other contact information you would like us to know:

-SneakyToe, leader of eGANK Gaming Team


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